BA First class honours (GPA 4.0), Manchester and London based Writer, Self-Shooter, trained Designer and Film-Maker, up for any challenge, no matter where or what it may be.

My interests lie in producing media which evokes emotion - makes you laugh, cry, sing, question - makes you curious.

I have a growing collection of short films to my name, plus I write screenplays in my free time, practice photography and graphics, alongside freelance camera operator and editor work.

Since graduating in 2016, I worked as a Junior Designer for both The Walt Disney Company and Unity, editing footage for Sky TV, producing graphics and doing event running. I then worked for UCL organising, shooting and editing promotional material for the University for 2 years. I'm currently studying for my MA in TV Drama at the University of Salford. I'm part of United We Stream as a livestream Vision Mixer and Director and Window Zebra Productions as a drama Director, Writer and Producer.

I've done freelance videographer jobs since I was a teenager and I am proficient in the Sony FS5 & FS7, Panasonic GH5s and Canon C100. I'm also proficient in Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, InDesign and Illustrator, having used all softwares for the last decade.

Contact me at lissisimpson [at]

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